Who We Are

Scarabeo Studio, with its start in 2019, is an initiative relatively young. It is born as a web solution for originator of the idea, and grows as a platform to easily manage digital contents and data by small business and freelancers. The idea proposed by creators of Scarabeo Studio is to deliver resources and necessary technology to individuals, to overcome technical obstacles and to help them present their services, products and creative portfolios on-line. Scarabeo Studio is solution for those who desire to promote their activities on the web, but without financial sacrifices, autonomously, and independently from streamline giants. The philosophy behind the project is to maintain minimalism, and to provide diversity through content presentation. We put accent on contents of each user, and on functionalities - continuously developed in line with or Clients' needs. This approach allows us to create the package that is complete and packed with numerous features, while maintaining very advantageous price, full technical support and strong perspectives for the continuous development. Here, at Scarabeo Studio, all the solutions are used by us before they are released for everyone else. Thanks to this fact you can be sure that we remain dedicated to the development and we pay attention to the quality of each and every service we offer. The price? In perfect world all of our services would be free of charge. Until we reach that day, we offer whole package for only €99 and €79 for yearly renewals.

the Mission

To support individuals, the artists, small business owners, to transmit their message, to convey their values and to promote their products and services. Everything happens through the creation of digital contents, the web and mobile applications Scarabeo Studio of our design, the tools and solutions that make these persons stand out from the crowd.

the Vision

We immagine the world in which each and every individual is supported right from the very beginning in the process of construction of their career around their real talents and abilities, and are able to reach their potential clients through every channel available without technical obstacles. Scarabeo Studio and Studio Manager are the applications of our design, these allow the creation and management of high quality websites in full autonomy. The package arrives with e-commerce, blog, calendar, orders tracking, and email campaigns automation service - all in single place, without plugins or external subscriptions. We don't visualize the world as a ship, but we perceive it as the fleet of ships, where each of them collaborate, and work independently but in harmony. Here, at Scarabeo Studio, we respect your privacy, that is why our All in One solution is delivered to the server of your choice and we do not store your website's data. We help you with reaching tour goals and objectives, and we give you online tools and solutions that suit your business.

our Why

We work to make our vision come true. While we deliver our services and final products, we always aim to enrich the image of each Client, and we make sure to help them stand out through functionalities and their own content. We define their Image, we expose their strengths, and we propose their philosophies.

    Scarabeo Studio
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