How Do We Work

Get to know how collaborating with our team works!
After deciding to join network of Scarabeo Studio users and getting in touch with us we will contact you to ask a couple of questions. This brief and easygoing interview will help us understand your business needs and technical skills level.
Why do we need to ask these questions? Because we care about you and your business as much as you do. We want to help you chose the best package, either be self-managed starter pack or rather fully managed plan. We will also answer any questions about Scarabeo Studio that nourish you, for example how to acquire correct hosting and domain for website and emails.
The next step is to sign up on our website and acquire one of the Scarabeo Studio plans. Usually we charge upfront for the subscription, but let our clients pay in two or three parts for the managed plans.
After we receive the payment, we will setup the subscription for you. We will also send you the links where to acquire the application from. We only distribute our apps through Google App Store and Microsoft Store (Apple Store is yet to come).
In the meantime you should have your hosting ready, be it new or existing production environment, or test environment in our premises. Our team members will be in contact with you in order to setup the configuration files correctly in accordance to your hosting settings. Done that, you will be provided with installation files for your new website to be placed on the server.
Once setting up the hosting is done, downloaded and launched the Scarabeo Studio app in the environment of your choice, you can log into your web management space (we call it Scarabeo Studio Manager) and start building your website. If you decide to go on your own, we will show you important tips on how to move around. If you acquired managed plan, we will take care of everything for you under your guidance.