How It Is Managed

Manage your website from your mobile phone or laptop
It is very simple to add, modify or remove content of your website. Once downloaded our official app, all the tools you need are in your pocket.
Easily add images and videos, define your home page, add individual pages, design product pages, schedule events and write articles.
Track your visits and sales, schedule email campaigns, create projects and more. Everything done from your device, without the need for contacting technician - you can do it all by yourself at any time.
For the managed plans, we are here to help you and do all the work for you. If you chose that path, our Scarabeo Web builders will take care of content change immediately.
We keep our websites simple and sleek because texts and images are of highest importance. However, if you decide to change the feel and look of your site, our web designers will help you achieve it the right way.