Management Plans

Management Plans

Pick this course to benefit from one of our configuration and management plans for Scarabeo Studio websites. You decide the ideal strategy for the online promotion of your activity, and we help you making your plans become reality. We can do this by creating pages for you, adding articles, defining product and services pages in your online store, we can schedule your first email campaigns and we lead you through the first months from the time you sign up. The track with technical assistance always begins with Scarabeo Studio at €99. This package includes the installation of website on your server and initial configuration of your site's identity. The Scarabeo Studio package does not cover the costs of web space and your domain's costs. To create your new website with Scarabeo Studio you can add one of our creation and management Pay As You Go plans. Once reached the limit of your management plan, you can acquire another plan of same or different value, depending on your needs, or ask for technical support at hourly fixed rates (€15/hour as of Feb 2021).

Website that allows online sales, event planning and the publication of image and video galleries quickly and easily in full autonomy. In addition, your “Scarabeo Studio” website has a Blog mode, which allows you to write whenever you want on any topic and share your texts with the most popular social media in an easy and fast way

Everyday we run maintenance tasks for website of our clients and collaborators. Thanks to the integration of Task Counter we can work on complex projects, collaborate with specialists from other part of the world, and manage the time and money spent on each task

with every €100 we can manage three different elements of your Scarabeo website. These can be 3 articles in your blog, 3 product cards, 3 pages-categories, or one element of each of these three types *

with this management plan we give you €100 to work on 3 more pages. As a result, Pay As You Go 300-12 covers 12 different pages, products or articles in total *

with Pay As You Go 500-21 management plan we take care of 21 pages in total. You decide whether thee are your pages-categories, products or articles

The engine for marketing campaigns is included in the Scarabeo Studio package of €99. All subscribers, both individual and managed course, receive free from cost instructions and access to lessons on-line, to manage their email promotional campaigns independently