the Starter Pack

Scarabeo Studio is designed to help you emphasize your services and to put you in contact with your Client, immediately. It is thought to unite 4 elements of on-line marketing in single solution: the Pages, the Products, the Articles, and the Email Campaigns. With the starter package, the union of these elements is possible.

The engine for marketing campaigns is included in the Scarabeo Studio package of €99. All subscribers, both individual and managed course, receive free from cost instructions and access to lessons on-line, to manage their email promotional campaigns independently

you receive Full Support during the initial configuration

we help you with getting your website ready for use from 48 hours up to 1 week

you can start selling on-line immediately

you can accept on-line payments in safe way directly from your website

First year of autonomous management is included in cost of the setup

you have access to the channel of free updates to make your website better every day

Scarabeo Studio is thought to break limits between our contents - e-commerce, blog, pages and email marketing campaigns. The heart of your Scarabeo website is the e-commerce store

after the first year you can continue to use the website free of charge, and if you need you to manage it in autonomy you can renew subscription whenever you want* *the autonomous management is optional and you can continue to use your Scarabeo Studio website free of charge. Remember to maintain the costs of hosting and of your domain, as these are not included in the price of our service.

Each article can be the entry point to your website. Writing on daily basis can generate hundreds and thousands of visits to your website